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Academic Daycare

Learn n’ Play academic daycare advances children’s early education and life skills. Studies indicate that when children begin their academic daycare education in a high-quality, early learning program, they do better in school, are more advanced socially and emotionally, and exhibit higher verbal and intellectual abilities than children who did not have the same advantage. Below you will find 10 reasons to choose Learn n’ Play academic daycare.

10 Reasons to Choose Learn n’ Play

  1. Exceptional academic daycare with a unique curriculum: Learn n’ Play incorporates the best of the Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia teaching methods for a well-rounded early pre-academic and academic learning experience. Children are encouraged to explore the world around them using their senses, with the freedom to follow their own interests and curiosity, at their own pace of learning. With play based learning appropriate for their age, activities can be open or structured, self-directed, or teacher led
  2. High tech security: Safety and security are essential criteria for a parent when dropping children off at any daycare. From the teaching and consistent following of safety rules, to inside and outside video cameras, secure locks and alarms, staff first aid and systematic fire drills, Learn n’ Play has practices and equipment in place to ensure the safety of all the children in our daycare
  3. Health: A healthy diet is an essential component of Learn n’ Play academic daycare. The importance of good nutrition is stressed at LNP, and we teach and instill healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Learn n’ Play daycare is also a safe allergy zone.
  4. Yoga: In our fast paced, over stimulating world, regular yoga practice can give children a sense of calm and relaxation. Yoga at an early age nurtures children’s self-regulation, self-confidence and body awareness in a non-competitive manner
  5. Fitness: Physical pursuits support children’s healthy growth and development. It builds better body composition, stronger bones and muscles as well as greater self-esteem. Children who participate in more physical activity during childhood are likely to remain more active and healthier in later years. There is more to Learn n’ Play than our academic daycare programs. At Learn n’ Play plenty of physical activity is offered inside and out, with music and movement, walks and hikes, dance, outdoor playtime and more
  6. Fine arts program: Learn n' Play offers diverse fine arts activities with music and movement, poetry, dramatic play and arts and crafts. Art is a fun and effective way to encourage children’s creativity and imaginations, as well as developing confidence, problem solving skills, concentration and collaboration with others. At Learn n’ Play, we create an environment where children can discover themselves, their thoughts and ideas, through the exploration of many art forms. Children learn a love of art and learn a lot from it
  7. Independence: Children love to do things for themselves, but with mistakes and spills, teaching them can take time out of a busy parent’s schedule. Learn n’ Play Educators foster independence in children by teaching the skills they need to take care of themselves, others and their environment. Through caring instruction, children learn to dress themselves, clean up, make choices, care for their classroom and to help others when in need, all while building their self-confidence
  8. French and sign language: It is never too early to expose your child to another language. Infants and toddlers are taught signing for better early communication skills that can eliminate the guess work out of filling their needs and lessen the frustration of young children and adults. Basic French is taught at Learn n ‘Play to enhance children’s language skills, build self-confidence and prepare some for the possibility of French immersion elementary school
  9. Holistic environment and curriculum: Learn n’ Play classrooms are spacious and uncrowded. Unlike most conventional daycares, there is a minimum of clutter and the colours and materials are from nature, creating a pleasing, natural atmosphere. The holistic curriculum addresses the whole child, with the development of academic, emotional, social, physical, artistic, creative and spiritual abilities, encouraging children to participate in the process and to learn in their own way and at their own speed
  10. Family support: At Learn n’ Play academic daycare we care for children and their families. We work with the family for a smooth transition into our daycare and teach children basic life skills and self-care to promote independence. When it is time to use a toilet, we work with the family to provide the consistency needed for successful training. Homework assistance is provided where needed in our before and after school program to alleviate one possibly combative evening chore, so families can relax at the end of their day

Learn n’ Play Daycare

If you are looking for an exceptional, academic early learning program for your child, with experienced, enthusiastic educators, to give them the best start in life, give Learn n’ Play a call today, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on academic daycare.