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Affordable Quality Childcare

Learn n’ Play, or LnP, offers affordable quality childcare in Abbotsford, BC. We will accept a daycare and-or preschool subsidy where applicable, to make our licenced, educational child care more available to all children and their families. We believe that every child has the right to a quality, early education in order to get the best start in life, which is why Learn n’ Play offers affordable quality childcare.

Daycare and Preschool Subsidy

A government daycare and-or preschool subsidy is available in BC to make childcare more affordable for all families. With the cost of living so high, it can be difficult to give your child all the things they need. One of the most important of those things is the chance at an early foundation for academic learning and social skills. Find out if you qualify for a daycare or preschool subsidy.

The Importance of Affordable Early Education

Studies show that a quality early learning environment will give your child a great start in life and an advantage over a child that did not benefit from this quality beginning. Childcare helps to develop many important life skills in a fun, diverse setting, while playing with peers and building positive relationships.Your child can explore and learn about the world around them, gain a sense of self and build self-confidence while acquiring the skills and maturity needed to move on to a more formal learning setting, such as kindergarten. Every child deserves the best start at life with the foundation of affordable, educational childcare.

Learn n’ Play affordable care

Learn n’ Play Childcare has more to offer than a conventional daycare centre, including:

  • An exceptional pre-academic and academic curriculum that includes music and movement, reading, writing, math and science
  • Hot, nourishing meals
  • Cooking lessons with a professional chef
  • Sign language
  • French
  • Yoga instruction

The best of several popular teaching methods are incorporated and encourage open play for imagination and creativity. The first years of life are truly important. They form the core that helps to determine your child’s future health, happiness and success. Your child will get the best of care and the advantages of that important start at Learn n’ Play daycare.

If you are looking for an exceptional, yet affordable, daycare program for your child, give Learn n’ Play a call now, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on affordable subsidy childcare.