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Currently Not Offered

We apologize for the inconvenience, we currently do not offer any Summer Programs.

After School Care Programs

Learn n' Play daycare, or LnP, offers before and after school care in Abbotsford, BC. We offer programs before and after school  to children attending kindergarten to grade 7. Our experienced educators will be sure your child is actively engaged in a variety of age appropriate activities. Transportation to and from school, homework support and a healthy snack are also included in our programs for before and after school.

Benefits of a Quality After School Care Program

With two parents working in most households, after school care has become a necessary thing. A good, diverse program can have a child looking forward to after school and benefit the child in a variety of ways.

Benefits of Learn n' Play Daycare before and after school care programs:

    • Academic support: Homework can cause conflict between parents and children when everyone is tired after a long day and maybe not at their best. Getting the work done during our after school daycare program can make evenings run more smoothly for the entire family
    • Safety and supervision: Research has shown that the time between school and dinner are when children are most likely to get into trouble. Keeping them busy with fun, active projects can prevent them from becoming involved in undesirable behaviour after school
    • A sense of belonging: Learn n' Play after school care programs promote cooperation and respect. This helps each child feel more secure and confident about joining a conversation or activity
    • Discover new interests: Our programs for after school provide a variety of activities that the child may not otherwise be exposed to, possibly creating new interests or hobbies for the child to pursue
    • Social skills: Learn n' Play daycare programs give the child the opportunity to get to know different children than they see at school, or interact with familiar children in a separate setting. With a better child to adult ratio, every child is included and made part of the group
    • Build confidence: At Learn n' Play a child is exposed to new friends and activities with supervision and encouragement from supportive adults. As a result they may be more likely to try new things and take risks that will help them to build their self-esteem
    • Mindful yoga: Our program includes mindful yoga for improved concentration and self-regulation

Pro-D Day and Holiday Daycare

Once you have chosen and placed your child in an after school care program, there is still the concerning issue of teacher professional development days (pro-d days) and holidays. Learn n' Play provides care for school age children in their care on all pro-d days and spring break. We also have other activities and summer programs in which priority is given to children already enrolled in our programs for before and after school.

Quality After School Care Programs

Learn n' Play provides peace of mind for parents of school age children. At Learn n' Play you can rest easy knowing that your child is benefiting from our safe and stimulating environment. Improved academic practices, prevention of unwanted behaviors, support of physical and emotional health, and a safe, fun, structured environment are all advantages of Learn n' Play day care programs for before and after school.

For more information, give us a call, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on programs for after school.