Learn n' Play Curriculum

Learn n’ Play inspires and guides each child at our childcare centre to reach their greatest potential in all areas of life. Our curriculum at daycare for infants and toddlers concentrates on early physical, social and emotional development. In our curriculum for preschool, a child builds skills and confidence in preparation for kindergarten. Creative Learn n’ Play staff are trained educators that incorporate a variety of teaching methods for an effective, unique curriculum.

Learn n’ Play employs a holistic based environment and curriculum, engaging each child in the learning process and encouraging individual and group responsibility. We address the development of the whole child: intellectual, emotional, social, physical, artistic and creative potentials.

Curriculum for Daycare

Quality infant and toddler daycare is much more than babysitting. The curriculum for daycare at Learn n’ Play Childcare was created to meet the distinctive and individual needs of an infant and-or toddler in a safe and nurturing setting where the child can explore and learn.

Learn n’ Play uses the best of the Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia teaching methods in their curriculum. The classroom uses a multi-sensory approach, providing materials to learn from and the space and freedom to explore and absorb information. Learning can be individual or in groups, self-directed, or teacher led, structured or unstructured, giving children a balance of experiences and opportunities to learn.

Curriculum for Daycare:

  • Sign language and basic French are taught to develop early communication skills and language
  • Music and movement in the curriculum builds language and memory, social skills and cooperation, fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination. It encourages children to be more outgoing, creative and to express themselves
  • The curriculum for our daycare includes a fine arts program that includes music, songs, dance, poetry and arts and crafts, where children develop fine and gross motor skills, confidence, problem solving skills, team work, creativity and imagination

Curriculum for Preschool

At Learn n' Play, our curriculum for preschool is an extension of the infant and toddler curriculum. We continue to provide play based learning that appeals to the child’s inherent curiosity, their senses and need to join in activities focussed on their interests and developing skills. Besides being enjoyable, it facilitates the child learning about their self and the world around them. Our educators effectively organize the classroom to enable experiences that will enhance the child’s development in all areas.

We focus on skills and knowledge to prepare the child for kindergarten and elementary school in our curriculum for preschool:

  • Recognition of numbers, counting and pre-math skills (identifying, grouping, comparing sizes, colors and shapes and recognizing patterns)
  • Recognition and first sounds of the alphabet
  • Writing, especially their name
  • Fine motor skills, pincer grip, use of scissors
  • Social skills, attention and following directions

Our curriculum for preschool also includes cooking and yoga classes, French as a second language and possible preparation for French immersion elementary school, the study of peoples and cultures from around the world and simple science experiments.

All of our curriculum activities for preschool encourage socialization, gross and fine motor skills, and the basics of academic education needed for the child to thrive later in life.

Quality Early Learning Curriculum

A child that benefits from a high-quality curriculum in daycare and preschool has better language and cognitive development than a child that does not. Studies have shown that the benefits are expansive.

If you are looking for an outstanding, early learning program for your child, with experienced educators to give them the best start in their academic career, give Learn n’ Play a call today, or schedule a free, no obligation preschool and daycare consultation on our curriculum.