Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I enroll my child at Learn n’ Play?
Learn n’ Play is a curriculum-based centre. We provide children with education and opportunities to help them succeed. Our curriculum is created to meet every child’s needs individually. We provide safe, quality care for children.
What ages of children do you accept?
We accept ages 10 months to 5 years.
How do I get on the waitlist?
Contact us to get on our waitlist. There is no longer any fee to be on the waitlist. If for any reason you are unable to start care, please inform us as soon as possible so we can accommodate others.
How do I get help paying for childcare?
Parents can apply for the affordable childcare benefit. The amount of funding will be based on each family’s individual application. For more information please visit GOV.BC.CA.
Can I schedule a visit to the centre?
No problem. Simply schedule a tour of our facility by calling us, or contacting us through the website. Please note children nap from 12:00 PM– 3:00 PM so we do not schedule tours during this time slot.
Is food provided?
Fresh healthy and nutritious meals are provided. We are a nut free facility. Parents are provided with a new menu every month. We cater to allergies. Please contact us for more information.
When are you open?
We are open from 6:30 AM – 5:30 PM, Monday -Friday. Children can attend up to 10 hours daily.
What is gradual entry?
We understand how hard it is to be away from your child, especially the first time. We encourage parents to set up gradual entry prior to your child starting. We want to ensure parents feel secure before leaving their child with us and it also gives the child time to get comfortable in the new environment. Time of gradual entry depends on each individual child. Let us work with you to set your child up for success.
Do you offer part time care?
We offer 2 days, 3 days, or 5 days. The availability depends on the space available in the program.
What is your strategy for guiding children’s behaviour?
Learn n’ Play teachers provide a safe environment for children to grow and develop. Appropriate guidance of the children’s behaviour occurs in a trusting and caring environment. Once children build trust it allows them to express themselves knowing that there are supportive and understanding adults that can help if needed.
Can I drop by to see my child?
Lean n’ Play has an open-door policy. Parents are welcome to come by any time.
What time do I need to be at the centre?
All children must arrive before 9:00 AM. Breakfast is at 9:00 AM and our curriculum starts right after. Please be respectful about not disturbing the classroom.
What is the policy for sick children?
We understand children can become ill and to ensure safe care for each child, we will send children home for any unexplained or contagious illnesses. A staff member will provide you with a form documenting the symptoms and directions on returning to the centre. Depending on the illness, you may return 24 hours after the symptoms disappear, or you may be required to bring a doctor’s note.
What security measures do you use at your centre?
Safety of your child is the most important thing to us. Each parent that is registered with us will have access to the building. We do not allow strangers in the centre and anyone wishing to see the centre must book an appointment. A child will only be released to a legal guardian, or anyone that is on the registration form provided by the parent. Photo ID may be requested at any time.
How will I know if my child is succeeding in this program?
Our teacher’s document children’s development throughout the year. Parents are provided with a progress report once a year. Parents can also set up a meeting with the teachers to discuss any concerns.
Can you accommodate my child’s allergies?
We strive to minimize the risk of exposure to known allergens. We can provide alternative meal plans.
What do I need to bring with my child?
Please ensure to label all of your child’s belongings. You will need to supply:
Under 36 Months:
  • 3 extra changes of clothes
  • Seasonal outdoor clothing
  • Blanket or stuffy for nap
  • Diapers and wipes
  • Bottles - sippy cups
  • Milk - formula or any nut free milk
  • Indoor shoes
Over 36 Months
  • Complete change of clothes
  • Seasonal clothing
  • Blanket for quiet time
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