Daycare for Infants

Learn n' Play has daycare for infants available in Abbotsford, BC. Our Learn n' Play, or LnP, licenced daycare centre offers a safe, nurturing environment with experienced, professional Infant educators to give your baby the very best care and support, fostering the development of their mind and body. Our staff works with the entire family to ensure a smooth and happy transition to daycare for your baby. With an infant to staff ratio of 1:4, every child is treated as a unique and special individual at Learn n' Play daycare for babies.

Learn n' Play

A baby learns through play. Something as simple as stacking blocks has many benefits such as, hand-eye coordination, development of gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, and even beginning mathematical skills.

Sensorial play is activities that stimulate the infant’s senses, touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing and also activities that include movement and balance. Sensorial play  for your baby at daycare is not only fun, but enables the infant to explore and learn about the world around them. It also helps baby develop language, cognitive growth, motor skills, problem solving skills and social interaction.

At Learn n' Play daycare we provide the equipment, space and opportunity for open ended creative play to develop your baby’s abilities, imagination and self-confidence.

Daycare Security

Daycare security is essential for every parent’s peace of mind. At Learn n' Play daycare, we utilize many recommended security measures to ensure the safety of the infants in our care.

Security measures of Learn n' Play daycare for babies:

  • Security cameras - inside and outside of the building
  • Fire safety - fire inspection prior to opening, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, monthly fire drills
  • Keyless entry - registered parents are given individual codes to have access into the building
  • Extra locks during off hours - alarm system is in place when daycare centre is closed
  • Supply Call Station/staffed front desk - entry area secured with someone at the desk
  • Sign-in and out sheets - parents sign baby in and out of the classroom
  • Intruder security - intruders cannot get past the secured lobby to enter the daycare area
  • Staff first aid

Holistic Daycare

Learn n' Play daycare for infants has a distinctive, holistic approach to daycare with a combination of nurturing, learning, physical fitness and nutrition. Through the use of several learning methods, including Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio Emilia, Learn n' Play daycare gives your baby a foundation that will lead to a lasting love of learning.

Infant curriculum at Learn n' Play daycare:

  • Music and movement
  • Fine arts
  • Introduction to science, math, reading and writing
  • Cooking lessons with a professional chef
  • French as a second language
  • Yoga instruction

At Learn n' Play we teach baby sign language to ease the frustrations of baby, and caring adults, by giving the pre-verbal child basic communication skills for things like food, water or favorite items. Often a baby who signs will learn to speak earlier than one who doesn’t and baby signing can also help to develop reasoning skills and self-esteem.

For parents who want something more, something exceptional, Learn n' Play daycare for babies offers a curriculum that focuses on the child, giving them the skills, knowledge and self-confidence to reach their full potential.

A Higher Standard of Daycare

Enrolling your infant in daycare can be a difficult decision. Studies have shown that children who begin in a high quality learning environment thrive in school, are more socially and emotionally secure, and display a higher level of verbal and intellectual development. With Learn n' Play infant daycare’s professional staff, security measures, holistic environment and superior learning program, you know your child will receive the best care.

To give your baby a head start in life, call Learn n' Play now, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on daycare for infants.