10 to 36 Month Programs

Daycare for Infant & Toddler - Under 36 Months

Learn n' Play provides a unique Infant Toddler program split into two levels: Junior Kindergarten Level 1 for infants and Junior Kindergarten 2 for toddlers. We offer a safe and nurturing environment at multiple locations across the Lower Mainland. Our licensed daycare centers are staffed with experienced and professional educators who are dedicated to providing your child with the best care and support, while promoting their physical and cognitive development.

We understand that transitioning your child to daycare can be challenging, which is why we work closely with families to ensure a smooth and happy experience. With an exceptional child-to-staff ratio, our team ensures that each child receives individualized attention and care.

At Learn n' Play, we believe that every child is unique and special, and we strive to provide the highest quality care for all children under our care.

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What to expect

We understand that starting daycare can be a big transition for both you and your child, which is why we have developed a gradual entry procedure to ensure a smooth and happy experience for everyone involved.

Our gradual entry program is designed to introduce your child to our daycare environment in a slow and comfortable way. Here's how it works:

  1. Pre-Entry Documents: Before your child's first day, you will be required to provide all documents given to you by our Manager including the getting to know your child form. This form helps our teachers learn about your child and provide them and overview of child's routine, preferences, and any special requirements.
  2. Short Visits: During the first day, your child will have a short visit to our center. These visits will gradually increase in duration, allowing your child to become familiar with our staff and environment.
  3. Parent Involvement: Parents are encouraged to participate in the gradual entry program by joining their child during visits and gradually stepping back as their child becomes more comfortable.
  4. Full Days: After the gradual entry week is complete, your child will be ready to attend full days at our daycare center.

We believe that our gradual entry program is an important part of the daycare experience, and we are committed to working closely with parents to ensure a smooth and happy transition for everyone involved. If you have any questions or concerns about our gradual entry procedure, please don't hesitate to speak with your campus manager.

Here's an example of a daily schedule for infants and toddlers attending daycare:

Time Description
6:30-9:00am Arrival, greetings, and diaper changes 
9:00-9:30am Snack time
9:30-10:30am Outdoor play (weather permitting) or indoor gross motor activities
10:30-11:00am Circle time with songs, stories, and finger plays- Music and movement
11:00-11:30am Art activities/ fine motor games
11:30am-12:00pm Lunch time  
11:40-12:00am Diaper changes and getting ready for lunch
12:00-2:30pm Nap time
2:30-3:00pm Wake up and diaper changes
3:00-3:30pm Snack time  
3:30-4:30pm Outdoor play (weather permitting) or indoor gross motor activities
4:30-5:00pm Quiet time with books and puzzles
5:00-5:30pm Free play and departures

The above schedule serves as a broad framework of the services we provide at our centers, but it's crucial to recognize that the specific schedule may differ depending on the particular requirements of the children in each class. To ensure parents stay informed, we distribute a newsletter and meal program at the start of each month, and we also maintain daily contact through Brightwheel's photo and messaging features.

Why LnP for your Infant or Toddlers?

Infant & Toddler Daycare
We communicate at an early age.
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Infant & Toddler Daycare
We are a licensed daycare center.
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Infant & Toddler Daycare
Learn n' Play daycare values diversity.
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Infant & Toddler Daycare
Our toddler programs encourage creativity.
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Licensed daycare services providing high-quality care.

Investing in your child during their early years is crucial as it lays the foundation for their potential health, happiness, growth, development, learning accomplishments, family relationships, and community ties. This period has a significant impact on the adult they will become, and nurturing them during this time is key to building their confidence and trust.

To give your child a head start in life, call Learn n' Play now, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on daycare for infants.