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Daycare for Your Toddler

Licenced daycare for your toddler, with trained, experienced educators, is offered at our day care centre in Abbotsford, BC. Learn n' Play, or LnP, child care toddler programs include learning through creative play, sensory exploration and fine arts, in a safe and caring environment. We nurture the child with our unique, holistic programs and environment. With the blending of the best of several learning methods, to develop mind and body, Learn n' Play boasts the very best in daycare for your toddler.

We care about every child, their family and their culture, honour the diversities and similarities and all that makes each child unique. A toddler has an inherent curiosity about the world around them. The Learn n' Play holistic environment and curriculum allows open exploration, learning and developing at their own pace with hands on, self-directed activities, in addition to group programs and lessons for your toddler.

Toddler Programs

Learn n' Play child care offers more than traditional daycare. Here are some of the programs we have to offer your toddler:

  • Sign language for early communication skills and development of language
  • Introduction to French as a second language
  • Music and movement program for physical, language and social development
  • Introduction to reading, writing, math and science for academic preparation
  • Yoga for physical care, development and self-regulation
  • Fine arts program to encourage imagination, creative thinking and problem solving
  • Cooking program with a professional chef
  • Healthy, hot meals
  • Toilet training in conjunction with home training
  • Montessori practical life and sensorial programs

Every toddler at Learn n' Play daycare is given the opportunity to explore and learn in their own way and at their own rate. A comprehensive, quality start to education can instill in a child a life-long love of learning, positive self-esteem and higher social, emotional, verbal and intellectual development.

Daycare Security Measures

A parent’s peace of mind is paramount at Learn n' Play daycare. Safety and security are critical when a parent drops their child off each and every day. From the teaching of safety rules, to cameras, locks and alarms, first aid and fire drills, we have policies and equipment in place to ensure the safety of every toddler in our care.

High Quality Daycare

The first years of a child's life are vitally important. They are the foundation that form a child’s potential health, happiness, growth, development, learning accomplishments, family relationships and community ties. These precious years have an enormous impact on the adult they will become. This is why it is so important to invest in your child at an early age. A toddler needs love and nurturing to foster trust and security that turns into confidence as they develop and grow.

At Learn n' Play, we offer high quality toddler programs that encourage and facilitate each child to grow their imagination, creativity and self-confidence to develop as an individual and to their fullest potential. If you are looking for an exceptional beginning program for your child, give Learn n' Play a call now, or schedule a free, no obligation consultation on daycare for your toddler.